Ride Sharing Rider Credits


Click the image to get rider credit: 



2 thoughts on “Ride Sharing Rider Credits”

  1. Hi Dan, Steve Zimmerman (your uncle I believe? Although I am not certain, the memory cells are not what they once were) gave me this link. I will be in New Orleans next weekend with several friends. If w have occasion to use Uber or Lyft I would be more than happy to use you a our driver but I don’t know how to request a particular driver. Let me know if you can.

    Dave DeGarmo

    1. Yes, Steve is my uncle. I am sorry for not seeing this sooner (I actually wasn’t notified of the new post). I am guessing it is too late for your trip. However, even if you were not able to use me as a driver I would still benefit from your using my new rider codes.

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