31 Days of Cassie and Dan: DAY 30 – Two Of My Favorite Videos

I have written about how Thomas loves Thomas and Friends. One year they had a “Day Out With Thomas” event over in Alabama. The sheer amount of happiness in his face and voice always brightens my day. For a while I had thought I lost the video because it was on a computer that had crashed. Well, one day while going through all my automatically saved pictures and videos on Google I saw the thumbnail for this, hit play, and cried because I was so happy that I had not lost this video.

One of the videos that I love with Henry needs a second in order to show him properly. Our kids were different with character fears. Thomas would always go near the big headed characters but would never want to go near a princess. Henry, on the other hand, loved the princesses and would always go flirt. He hated the large headed characters. This is how he acted when he had the chance to see Mickey Mouse.

Well, he hated most of the larger head characters. There was one he loved and couldn’t wait to see. And that is Minnie, or as he said “mimmie”.

Both of these videos warm my heart every time I see them. While nothing beats that Cassie and I got to be there in person for these events, I am happy that we are able to save these moments so that we can always have a smile brought to our faces.  I am so glad that Cassie and I have been able to share all these great moments together with our boys.

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