31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 29 – Henry pt. 2

Henry loves to try and scare me. In fact he just tried now. I typically do not scare easily. He is a ninja. He sneaks up very quietly. Some nights he gets all the way up to my ear and I will hear a heavier breathing in my ear. But he hasn’t scared me yet. Each time he fails he says “dawnit”. But he keeps trying. That he doesn’t give up just shows part of his character.

He has such a cute personality it is very hard to put into words. He is very inquisitive and outgoing. He is a little prankster as well. He plays jokes. He blames his gas on others. He puts together little plays with the Disney Infinity characters.

But most importantly he has a very caring heart. He doesn’t let me leave in the morning without giving me a kiss and a hug. When I was unemployed I had a few times where I broke down and cried. A couple times was very hard. I left the room very upset. Henry, no more than two, followed me and just gave me a big hug to make me feel better. That sort of caring spirit makes us proud parents. And I could have never done it without Cassie.


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