31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 28 – Henry pt. 1

We could tell Henry was going to be a much different child simply from how he acted in the womb. While Thomas was chill and relaxed, Henry wanted out and made sure that everyone knew. When it came time to go in for Cassie’s C-Section, even though it was a week early, she was already having contractions. He wanted out.

While Thomas would stay snug as a bug in a swaddle, Henry would kick and kick until he would bust out of it. It didn’t matter how well practiced I was with swaddling or how tight of a swaddle I put on him. He always found a way out. He wanted nothing to do with it.

Henry also had acid reflux really bad as a child. We had to get him a special inclined crib so that he would be able to sleep at an angle.

From early on Henry knew how to give the “evil eye”. He would just look at people, especially strangers, and just give them a stare down. He wasn’t going to be taking any crap from anybody.

While Thomas didn’t want anything in his mouth except for his pacifier, Henry was the exact opposite. He had no desire to be pacified. However, everything else would go in his mouth if we didn’t keep an eye on him. One day I saw him picking up a penny and he just about got it in his mouth. I got it out of his hand. All of a sudden, his other hand rose up, grasping another penny that he was determined to eat.

But all of this just added to the character that Henry was and is. And we were grateful to have him. The folks over at Ocshner’s OBGYN and their ineptitude caused difficulties in having a second child. But once we moved out of their care and to someone more capable,  Henry was conceived.

In fact, I can even show you a picture of the day that he was conceived.

We were at Star Wars weekends and it was the day we met Ray Park, the actor who played Darth Maul. We often joked that Darth Maul was Henry’s father because all of the women in the audience during one of his presentations were all swooning over the fact that he is both good looking, funny, and great with kids. In fact, we have joked so much about it that Henry will tell you that even though I am “dayee” (daddy) that Darth Maul is his father. Last time we were at Disney World we walked passed a video game and Darth Maul was in it. Henry exclaimed to me “LOOK DADDY, IT’S MY FATHER!” I laughed.

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