31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 26 – Thomas pt. 2

Thomas had delayed speech. By the age of two he had not said a word. We read to him. He would laugh and make sounds. However, no words would come out. We enrolled him in speech therapy.

Hallie was his first speech therapist. She worked one on one with him in many ways, including teaching him some sign language so he could communicate in other ways. One of my earliest proud moments of Thomas was when he came up to me and signed “more food please”. I almost cried.

As Thomas gained the ability to vocally communicate he picked up some very cute sayings. “Thank you” and “no thank you” became “Q” and “no Q”.

Thomas moved on to Mrs. Kennedy. She held her sessions at O Perry Walker high school. His GG (grandmother) would bring him. He felt like the big man on campus. All the students would give him high fives and he felt like the big boy. He improved even more and as he went to Pre K 4 he was not only speaking well but was reading at a first grade level.

He continued his speech therapy up until this year when he proved he no longer needed it. I am so very thankful for all the people who helped him learn how to be a great little communicator.

One thing that worried me when we moved him to a Spanish Immersion school in Kindergarten was would his delayed speech be an issue. I didn’t want him regressing. The opinion of several said that it should not be an issue. As we found out, it wasn’t.  And now he can speak in two languages because of it. Had you told me in 2010 that Thomas would be bilingual I wouldn’t have believed you. That he’s come so far makes us both very proud parents. And it’s one of many things that played a big part of the 10 years of Cassie and I being married.

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