31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 4 – Eddie Izzard

Cassie introduced me to Eddie Izzard. I had never heard of him before she gave me one a DVD to watch. I was surprised that I had never heard of him because his type of humor is right up my alley. So obviously when he was going to be coming to Tulane around our first wedding anniversary, I had to get tickets. I managed to land spots in the second row.  However, I had no option to print them at home.  It said I had to pick them up the day of the show at will call. I found this very odd.

We arrive to the show early to get the tickets. I give the person my information and we get our tickets. We then got our backstage passes for the meet and greet afterwords. This was the reason that the tickets had to be picked up at will call. Except, I had no idea that we were getting a meet and greet on top of the regular price of the tickets. The look on Cassie’s face was priceless.

We go to the meet and greet. They had food and an open bar. I said hello to John “Spud” McConnell (who had a part in one of his TV shows.

When we sat down to the meet and greet I asked a question:

“What is the stupidest question you have ever gotten at one of these question and answer sessions?”

His response:

“Probably this one.”

Frankly that was probably the most perfect answer he could have given.

And then Cassie got to take a picture.

When we were walking back to the car, she called her mom and said “I have the best husband ever.” I just hope that I can always live up to that title.

31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 3 – What link?

It is no secret that Cassie and I are huge Disney fans. We go as often as possible. My common joke while driving for Uber and Lyft is that I do it to feed our Disney habit. It usually gets a laugh.

We had both been prior to our relationship. One of the things that people like to talk about is their favorite or least favorite rides at the parks. For the longest time my least favorite ride was “It’s A Small World”. I currently will go on it because I see how much my children love it and I love watching them enjoying themselves on it. However, previous to us having children, I really didn’t enjoy going on it at all.

The same cannot be said for Cassie, who really enjoys the ride. So one time she went with her Mom and told me that she would call me when she got on the ride so that she could make me suffer through hearing the song over and over and over again.

I was on my way to the gaming store when I decided to give her a call and see how the trip was doing. When she picked up the phone all I could hear was laughing and the sounds I dreaded hearing. I literally called her as she sat down in the little boat. So I told her, “It must be our link.”

At some point later we were having a discussion on line and Cassie said to me “link?” as if to suggest that we had just witnessed another example of our link working. Oblivious to what she was saying, my response was “What link? I didn’t get a link.” She then explained it to me and we had a laugh.

So now when we have another example of our link, at least one of us will respond “What link?” and the other one will say “I didn’t get a link?”

Just another reason why we were meant to be together.

31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 2 – Road Trip

In the spring of 2006 my Mom was having issues with her thyroid and needed to go into the hospital for surgery. Between grad school classes and trying to run for the Kenner City Council I was strapped for cash. I felt really bad that I was not going to be able to afford a trip back to Baltimore.

Cassie suggested that we should just make a road trip. She dropped everything going on with her to make sure I could be with my Mom, just in case. That selflessness is one of the reasons I will always love her.

Of course, nothing we do can ever be easy, the trip being the first example of this. We decided that we would leave at night and take turns driving in order to try and make the 18 hour trip in one day. I took the first shift. By the time I got to Slidell (an hour away) my eyes were already trying to close. (For some reason I get tired very quickly driving east. It usually doesn’t happen driving west.)

Eventually I took over driving again. As we approached Chattanooga on I-24 the car all of a sudden went VROOOOOOOM. Pressing the gas pedal did not cause any forward acceleration. Fortunately that part of the interstate has a downward slope and we had enough forward momentum that I was able to get the car off the interstate and into a parking lot. The transmission was shot. Fortunately Cassie has been in Saturns for a long time and so getting her transmission replaced in the home of Saturns was likely easier than any other place in the country. Cassie also had 50 miles left before her warranty ran out. This added about 4 hours to our already long trip.

We had the shuttle at the dealership drive us to the mall and we hung out there for a few hours. We went into a Dillards where an older saleswoman approached me and said “the big and tall section is over there.” I looked at Cassie and said “she must have thought I was tall.” We laughed.

I finally got to see my Mom in the hospital after surgery was over. When she saw Cassie approaching, her first words were “she’s so pretty”. Which is true, she was and is very pretty. Mom survived and has defeated several other illnesses since then as well.

On the ride back home, I drove all the way to Georgia without switching drivers. Basically I wasn’t able to handle an hour driving east but I could handle 13 hours driving west without an issue. I am strange. But I couldn’t have done it without her and will always be thankful for that and many other wonderful things that I will tell you about over the next 29 days.



31 Days of Cassie and Dan: You Busy?

A month from today Cassie and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. Of course I have known and loved her for more than just that time. However, when I noticed today that it was exactly a month away, I wanted to write a series of posts dedicated to the woman I love.

In the dating world today, I see a lot of people struggling to deal with simple communication in getting to know people. Everything seems so forced and people are impatient to meet up. I see screenshots of people acting like complete idiots.

Back in the day, I came across a profile on Yahoo and something about her told me that I needed to contact her. She was obviously attractive and totally my type. What also made her stand out was her openness about political views. In a Conservative state like Louisiana, some people shy away from advertising such things (even in a liberal city like New Orleans). She didn’t and that impressed me.

So I sent two little words to her that would end up changing my life in the best way possible: “You busy?”

She wasn’t, so we talked. And the rest? Well, I still have 30 more days to discuss all that.