31 DAYS OF CASSIE AND DAN: DAY 20 – Happy Stitch Day!

Many interesting things happened on June 26th. John F. Kennedy gave his “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech in West Berlin. The Beatles released their “A Hard Day’s Night” album.  Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published. Lawrence v Texas ruled that gender based sodomy laws violated the Constitution. 12 years later, the Supreme Court grants marriage equality across 50 states.

Thomas has twin godmothers, Gina and Giovana, and their birthday is today.  Also born today was Abner Doubleday (inventor or Baseball), Chris Issak, Patty Smyth, Chris O’Donnell, Aubrey Plaza and  Ariana Grande.

June 26th is also Stitch day (because the date is 6/26 and Stitch, my favorite Disney character, is known as experiment 626).

But the most important thing to happen on this date in my life is that this is the day that I met Cassie for the very first time.

So what are the odds that I would meet the woman I love on the day belonging to the Disney character that I love? Well, when it happened at the time (and even for years later) I never even realized that the anniversary of the day that we met just happened to be Stitch Day. But it is. So every Stitch Day is a happy one for me because it is the day that I met my cake. 🙂


(h/t to onthisday.com)

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