31 DAYS OF CASSIE AND DAN: DAY 17 – The Year of Cruises

Shockingly enough, we did not always do Disney each year of our marriage. We did go to Disney World in January of 2007. But the first year that we got married was basically the year of the cruise ship.

The first cruise that we went together on was for our honeymoon. We splurged and got a nicer room with a nice big bed and a balcony. It was everything  you would think a cruise would be. We drank, went to shows, drank some more, and of course we ate like crazy. Cassie had a crush on our waiter, which was cute. He was a good waiter though. I entered a blackjack tournament and made one stupid error. I made the finals and was in the last hand with the chip lead. I would have won except I didn’t count the chips of the person to my left. I was so frustrated because I would have won $500.  The next day we played bingo and we won a free cruise on the blackout game. Afterwards I told Cassie that I was going to go back upstairs and I would go win the money at the tables that I should have won the night before. She laughed at the idea. She was right, I didn’t win $500. I won $600. We also sat through the “not so newlywed game”.  Instead of having three couples of newlyweds they had the longest married couple, a couple married 10 years, and the newest married couple. Unfortunately for Big Tex (the cruise director) half the room had got married on 7/7/07. Half the time that was supposed to be spent playing the game was spent picking a couple. Fortunately we were not picked because I would have had to come out in underwear on stage.

Our next cruise was not our free cruise. I had exactly a day and a half of leave left at the end of the year and I found a very cheap cruise to go on over a weekend. So we went. This time I won the blackjack tournament. We requested to have the same waiter we had previously. Unfortunately for Cassie he was on vacation that time.

We spent the free cruise voucher on for my birthday the next year. Cassie got her wish and we had the same waiter, yet again. Unfortunately for Cassie she could not drink on this cruise because she was pregnant with Thomas. But we still had a great time.

We have not been on a cruise since. And I am sure the next cruise we go on will likely be a Disney Cruise instead of a Carnival cruise (unless we find a cheap cruise).


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