31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 16 – That’s not our lawnmower

For much of our time owning this home we mowed our own lawn. Occasionally we have a need to hire outside help. One time Cassie found a man who I wasn’t really impressed with from the start. He smelled a little of alcohol. However, he wasn’t going to be mowing at that time. So I figured no harm, no foul.

I got aggravated with him because he kept dumping the grass clippings into the recycling bin. I felt like I was going to be able to handle lawn mowing from that point anyway. So I went into the back yard to mow. The problem with our mower was that the piece that held the side grass blower was missing. I typically had to use something else to keep it open. I bent down to fix it and noticed that the hole was open permanently. I then noticed that the back of the mower was lower and didn’t have a place for a grass catching bag. The bastard had taken our mower and left his.

I told Cassie this. She didn’t believe me. She swore that the mower was ours because it was the same brand and color. But it wasn’t. We had the most amusing conversation. We were in the bedroom and she was sitting on the bed. I was standing. Thomas was sitting between us but facing me. I was using hand motions to try and explain how I would use the mower and how grass would shoot out the side. Thomas decided that he was going to mimic my motions. It was hilarious.

For a few days my Mother in Law also insisted that the mower in the backyard was ours. That is until she tried to move it. It was much lighter than our mower. She finally agreed with me.

We eventually all agreed that the mower in our backyard was not our mower.

We still joke about Thomas and his cute hand motions. It was so cute and so is he.


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