31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 14 – A New Conversation Each Time

One day Cassie and I went to the Slidell Street Fair. As we sat I heard a guy who was very fabulous. So I asked Cassie “do you think he’s gay?” She responded with a simple “uh huh”. No more than 5 minutes later, she looks to me and asks if I think the same guy is gay. Of course my response was “I just asked you that 5 minutes ago!” She at first didn’t believe me but then I told her she had responded affirmatively that she did believe he was gay. She didn’t remember.

This isn’t an isolated incident either. It has happened multiple times. We have had full conversations where I have later repeated the entire conversation at some later time (be it the same day or sometime later).

This caused me to basically tell her that being in a relationship with her is nice because I never have to think of anything new to say. I can just have the same conversation with her over and over again and it would be like we were having a new conversation each time.

It has basically become a running joke. If you ever hear either of us asking the other “Do you think he’s gay?” it is because we are telling the other person that they must have forgotten the conversation we had previously. 🙂

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