31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 13 – Horrible Jokes

I was raised in a very “punny” household. I also have been known to make jokes that some would consider in very poor taste as well. In order to keep your sanity while with me, it is best that you are able to laugh at all sorts of “bad” jokes for various definitions of bad. We will both laugh at comments that are likely considered to be “too soon”. We also enjoy a good “no arm, no leg” joke. We come up with terrible Cards Against Humanity combinations. And many of the things I say are just off the cuff comments that are made simply to make her laugh. And Cassie does have a great laugh and a wonderful smile. When I see those together, it brightens my day. It’s of no surprise that I would try and get her to laugh and smile as much as possible.

The only ones that I had never really been able to get Cassie to laugh at were jokes of the “that’s what she said” variety. However, I must say that yesterday did the trick. Henry said something to the effect of “You have to put your mouth on in in order to get it to work”. Of course, how could I not follow it with a “that’s what she said” comment? To my surprise, she gave out a good long laugh. It was great that I was able to pull that off on Father’s Day. (That’s what she said.).

Here are to many more years of laughter shared between us and with others.

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