31 Days of Cassie and Dan: You Busy?

A month from today Cassie and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. Of course I have known and loved her for more than just that time. However, when I noticed today that it was exactly a month away, I wanted to write a series of posts dedicated to the woman I love.

In the dating world today, I see a lot of people struggling to deal with simple communication in getting to know people. Everything seems so forced and people are impatient to meet up. I see screenshots of people acting like complete idiots.

Back in the day, I came across a profile on Yahoo and something about her told me that I needed to contact her. She was obviously attractive and totally my type. What also made her stand out was her openness about political views. In a Conservative state like Louisiana, some people shy away from advertising such things (even in a liberal city like New Orleans). She didn’t and that impressed me.

So I sent two little words to her that would end up changing my life in the best way possible: “You busy?”

She wasn’t, so we talked. And the rest? Well, I still have 30 more days to discuss all that.

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