31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 24 – Our Boys

I plan a couple of posts for each of our children  individually because one just isn’t enough for both of them. But before I talk about them individually I have to talk about them together.

Thomas was well prepared for his little brother to come. We would have him kiss Cassie’s stomach goodnight many nights to kiss Henry goodnight. We allowed Thomas to name Henry as well. At first it was going to be Percy (after the number 6 engine on Thomas and Friends) but he changed his mind to Henry (the number 3 engine). Henry was a cranky engine and that kind of fit.

Thomas was so happy to get a little brother. Any time I ask if that was my baby Henry Thomas would respond “No that’s MY baby Henry.”

They may argue sometimes but you can tell they love each other.

This one shows how much they looked alike as kids even though Henry looks like me and Thomas looks like Cassie.

They wore the same outfit on the same day years apart. We found out about it via Facebook memories.


Thomas loves trains more but Henry also enjoys them.


31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 23 – Gaming

I’ve always been a gamer. I played the basic board games as a young child. I moved up to Axis and Allies in Boy Scouts. In high school I tried some miniatures games and Star Fleet Battles. In college I even tried Magic the Gathering for a while.

Previous relationships that I had with people would be embarrassed at the idea of dating a “gamer” and/or wouldn’t try some of the games with me.

Cassie, on the other hand, is someone who has no problems with me going to play games with my friends. But what’s even better is that she will give most of the games that I introduce to her a chance. I am pretty good at guessing what games she might like or might not like.

While I don’t believe that couples need to have 100% shared interests, it is great to be with someone who won’t discourage your interests and who will also take part in them. I am thankful that I found someone to share those interests with.


31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 21 – The Scoreboard

I have loved baseball ever since I can remember. My first memory of baseball was watching Cal Ripken Jr. catch the game winning line drive to win the Orioles the 1983 World Series. I went to many games at the old Memorial Stadium and even more at Camden Yards. When the Houston Astros moved to the American League I took Thomas to Houston so we could watch the game together as father and son.

In all the games I have been to, two things have never happened. I have never caught a fly ball (they never come close to me) and I have never been on the scoreboard.

Of course one day at the park in Baltimore with the family Thomas was getting a little restless. Cassie took him over to the play area they have set up at Camden Yards. Who do I see on the scoreboard? Cassie and Thomas. It was Cassie’s second game and she gets on the big screen. And she never lets me live it down. 😁😁😁

31 DAYS OF CASSIE AND DAN: DAY 20 – Happy Stitch Day!

Many interesting things happened on June 26th. John F. Kennedy gave his “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech in West Berlin. The Beatles released their “A Hard Day’s Night” album.  Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published. Lawrence v Texas ruled that gender based sodomy laws violated the Constitution. 12 years later, the Supreme Court grants marriage equality across 50 states.

Thomas has twin godmothers, Gina and Giovana, and their birthday is today.  Also born today was Abner Doubleday (inventor or Baseball), Chris Issak, Patty Smyth, Chris O’Donnell, Aubrey Plaza and  Ariana Grande.

June 26th is also Stitch day (because the date is 6/26 and Stitch, my favorite Disney character, is known as experiment 626).

But the most important thing to happen on this date in my life is that this is the day that I met Cassie for the very first time.

So what are the odds that I would meet the woman I love on the day belonging to the Disney character that I love? Well, when it happened at the time (and even for years later) I never even realized that the anniversary of the day that we met just happened to be Stitch Day. But it is. So every Stitch Day is a happy one for me because it is the day that I met my cake. 🙂


(h/t to onthisday.com)

31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 19 – One reason that we were meant to be

There are of course many reasons why Cassie and I are good together as a couple. But one of the earlier indicators of this was the time I asked if she has seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail. She hadn’t. So I brought it with me. I has loved that movie since I was a kid.

We sat down and watched it together and she enjoyed it and laughed. If she was laughing at Monty Python then she had to be a keeper! Plus there is the added benefit of her laugh being able to brighten up any room.

We don’t always have the same tastes in shows and movies. But we do share a very similar sense of humor. And that is key for a lasting relationship.

31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 18 – Sometimes she does listen to me

I know I joke about the times where she had not really paid attention to me. However, there are plenty of times where she has.

One example was when she was called to do an in person political focus group. We believe it was done by John Georges. They were basically asking everyone in the group about how they felt about Bobby Jindal. And apparently each time someone would bring up a positive about him, Cassie would come back with at least three negatives or she would present other information to dispute their claims or correct the record.

At the end of her telling the story I was smiling. Not only has she listened to me but she remembered everything I had said about Jindal previously. If she was able to listen to be drone on and on about him and retain all that information, you know it’s true love. 🙂



31 DAYS OF CASSIE AND DAN: DAY 17 – The Year of Cruises

Shockingly enough, we did not always do Disney each year of our marriage. We did go to Disney World in January of 2007. But the first year that we got married was basically the year of the cruise ship.

The first cruise that we went together on was for our honeymoon. We splurged and got a nicer room with a nice big bed and a balcony. It was everything  you would think a cruise would be. We drank, went to shows, drank some more, and of course we ate like crazy. Cassie had a crush on our waiter, which was cute. He was a good waiter though. I entered a blackjack tournament and made one stupid error. I made the finals and was in the last hand with the chip lead. I would have won except I didn’t count the chips of the person to my left. I was so frustrated because I would have won $500.  The next day we played bingo and we won a free cruise on the blackout game. Afterwards I told Cassie that I was going to go back upstairs and I would go win the money at the tables that I should have won the night before. She laughed at the idea. She was right, I didn’t win $500. I won $600. We also sat through the “not so newlywed game”.  Instead of having three couples of newlyweds they had the longest married couple, a couple married 10 years, and the newest married couple. Unfortunately for Big Tex (the cruise director) half the room had got married on 7/7/07. Half the time that was supposed to be spent playing the game was spent picking a couple. Fortunately we were not picked because I would have had to come out in underwear on stage.

Our next cruise was not our free cruise. I had exactly a day and a half of leave left at the end of the year and I found a very cheap cruise to go on over a weekend. So we went. This time I won the blackjack tournament. We requested to have the same waiter we had previously. Unfortunately for Cassie he was on vacation that time.

We spent the free cruise voucher on for my birthday the next year. Cassie got her wish and we had the same waiter, yet again. Unfortunately for Cassie she could not drink on this cruise because she was pregnant with Thomas. But we still had a great time.

We have not been on a cruise since. And I am sure the next cruise we go on will likely be a Disney Cruise instead of a Carnival cruise (unless we find a cheap cruise).


31 Days of Cassie and Dan: Day 16 – That’s not our lawnmower

For much of our time owning this home we mowed our own lawn. Occasionally we have a need to hire outside help. One time Cassie found a man who I wasn’t really impressed with from the start. He smelled a little of alcohol. However, he wasn’t going to be mowing at that time. So I figured no harm, no foul.

I got aggravated with him because he kept dumping the grass clippings into the recycling bin. I felt like I was going to be able to handle lawn mowing from that point anyway. So I went into the back yard to mow. The problem with our mower was that the piece that held the side grass blower was missing. I typically had to use something else to keep it open. I bent down to fix it and noticed that the hole was open permanently. I then noticed that the back of the mower was lower and didn’t have a place for a grass catching bag. The bastard had taken our mower and left his.

I told Cassie this. She didn’t believe me. She swore that the mower was ours because it was the same brand and color. But it wasn’t. We had the most amusing conversation. We were in the bedroom and she was sitting on the bed. I was standing. Thomas was sitting between us but facing me. I was using hand motions to try and explain how I would use the mower and how grass would shoot out the side. Thomas decided that he was going to mimic my motions. It was hilarious.

For a few days my Mother in Law also insisted that the mower in the backyard was ours. That is until she tried to move it. It was much lighter than our mower. She finally agreed with me.

We eventually all agreed that the mower in our backyard was not our mower.

We still joke about Thomas and his cute hand motions. It was so cute and so is he.



One day Cassie and I went to the Slidell Street Fair. As we sat I heard a guy who was very fabulous. So I asked Cassie “do you think he’s gay?” She responded with a simple “uh huh”. No more than 5 minutes later, she looks to me and asks if I think the same guy is gay. Of course my response was “I just asked you that 5 minutes ago!” She at first didn’t believe me but then I told her she had responded affirmatively that she did believe he was gay. She didn’t remember.

This isn’t an isolated incident either. It has happened multiple times. We have had full conversations where I have later repeated the entire conversation at some later time (be it the same day or sometime later).

This caused me to basically tell her that being in a relationship with her is nice because I never have to think of anything new to say. I can just have the same conversation with her over and over again and it would be like we were having a new conversation each time.

It has basically become a running joke. If you ever hear either of us asking the other “Do you think he’s gay?” it is because we are telling the other person that they must have forgotten the conversation we had previously. 😉 😉 😉