Uber driving: Day 3

I decided to take my Uber driving to a Thursday night, mostly because of the Saints game at the dome. Uber suggested that this may very well be a good night to make some money. So after I finished work I left my garage and immediately got a call on the app. That was the first of 7 really short trips. Each of them paid a small amount, but in the long run they added up to me earning $45 before I decided to go home and watch the Saints on TV. But the most important thing was that the 7 trips made me top 25 total trips. This meant that my referrer would be getting a bonus ($200 in New Orleans) and I would also be getting a $100 bonus on top of my earned fares.

But the time I got home I looked at my earnings statement and saw yet another $100. One of the guys I had referred was killing it down in Orlando and had already driven the requisite number of rides to qualify us for the referral bonus as well.

The Saints won (WHO DAT!) and I went back out to pick up others. These were fewer trips but longer distances (meaning more money). At the end of the day I netted $111 in fares plus $200 in referral bonuses for a grand total of $311. I also intend on driving Friday and Saturday nights as well. This should be a very good weekend for extra money.

The referral program is still going on. So if you would also like to become an Uber driver and earn an extra $100 bonus, please sign up by clicking this link.  Please shoot me an email (DanielJayZimmerman at Gmail) when you do sign up so we can make sure everything goes through properly. I have been enjoying it and I think it is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash on the side.

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