My second night of Uber driving.

I did my second night of Uber driving on Friday night/Saturday Morning. It was still an overall good experience. I never really got to surge levels like I did the previous time. I did net about $110 in net fares (i.e. total fares less what Uber keeps before they pay you).

I guess the only thing that slightly bothers me about the night was that I did not end up with a perfect 5 star rating like I did the first night. I guess that is bound to happen. I have not rated anyone less than 5 stars so far as all of my trips seemed to be enjoyable.

I have one or two guesses as to why my rating may have been dinged. Once I ask Uber a question I will make another post about the subject.

But my overall rating is 4.86 after 26 total trips. I will try and keep that up and expect that issues like that are few and far between.

This brings me to my reminder about how have the opportunity to earn money via Uber yourself. If you sign up as a driver and make 25 trips by the end of October you will get a $100 bonus.  Just use my link and I will get credit as well. It took me less than 8 hours of overall driving to get 25 trips. You can easily do it too.


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