A little update since I haven’t posted here in a while

I havn’t gotten a chance to do much writing recently and I really need to get back to it. I am in the middle of a very short story that I have had in my head for a while now. It, like some of the other ones, goes to a dark place (which I still find odd because the book I do want to write is not dark at all).

I have also started driving as an Uber driver. My first experience was pretty good. In 3.5 hours I made $101 in fares. I wouldn’t mind doing that 2-3 times as week for some extra money. Seems worth it to me. And if you sign up via my referral link they currently have a special going on where you can get money once you finish a certain amount of drives. Sign up here.

I have also been doing Atkins again. Since Labor Day I have lost 20 lbs. One of the things that has made this go around easier is the SplashH2O beverages. They have a peach/tangerine version that is really awesome and I just tried the lemonade version and that is pretty darned tasty too. Typically I don’t like lemonade drink mixes. But these guys do it up right and they have no carbs in them so it is perfect for when I want something different than water.

I am also finishing up the final stages of my Disney trip, using all my “BudgetEars” knowledge and putting it to good use. I am very excited about that as well.

I hope to get more stuff written for all my blogs and some more stories finished up for publishing here. Anyway, just a heads up.



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