This Halloween don’t drink and drive, take an Uber on me*.

It is Halloween time again. Children will be walking around our neighborhoods asking for candy and adults will be heading to costume parties and enjoying some creepy cocktails.

When enjoying yourself please make sure to not make anyone a ghost prematurely. If you do not have a designated driver and have never tried Uber, you can enter in the following code into the app and get up to $20 off your first Uber trip.


Enjoy yourselves, have fun, be safe, and happy haunting!

* Free rides are only available to new Uber riders and the credit will be up to $20 on one ride only.

Uber driving: Day 3

I decided to take my Uber driving to a Thursday night, mostly because of the Saints game at the dome. Uber suggested that this may very well be a good night to make some money. So after I finished work I left my garage and immediately got a call on the app. That was the first of 7 really short trips. Each of them paid a small amount, but in the long run they added up to me earning $45 before I decided to go home and watch the Saints on TV. But the most important thing was that the 7 trips made me top 25 total trips. This meant that my referrer would be getting a bonus ($200 in New Orleans) and I would also be getting a $100 bonus on top of my earned fares.

But the time I got home I looked at my earnings statement and saw yet another $100. One of the guys I had referred was killing it down in Orlando and had already driven the requisite number of rides to qualify us for the referral bonus as well.

The Saints won (WHO DAT!) and I went back out to pick up others. These were fewer trips but longer distances (meaning more money). At the end of the day I netted $111 in fares plus $200 in referral bonuses for a grand total of $311. I also intend on driving Friday and Saturday nights as well. This should be a very good weekend for extra money.

The referral program is still going on. So if you would also like to become an Uber driver and earn an extra $100 bonus, please sign up by clicking this link.  Please shoot me an email (DanielJayZimmerman at Gmail) when you do sign up so we can make sure everything goes through properly. I have been enjoying it and I think it is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash on the side.

Low carb peanut butter shake recipe

Until today I had not gotten too creative with my Atkins diet. Eggs and bacon for breakfast, burgers and salads for lunch, various meat options for dinner with either broccoli or salads. Sometimes I would use an Atkins prepared meal or bar to vary things up.

However, while I was in the grocery store I looked at the powdered peanut butter and noticed it was not very high in carbohydrates at all (3 total carbs and 1 net carb for 2 tablespoons). I wondered what might go well with that. I got some unsweetend almond milk (which looks to have 0 net carbs in it). I also got some sugar free maple flavored syrup (1 net carb per 1/4 cup).

So in this version I used 6 tablespoons of the powdered peanut butter, 1/4 cup of syrup, and 2 cups of almond milk. I mixed all that in a blender with some ice and made myself a shake and was happily surprised with the results. It actually tasted better than what I expected.

So for a grand total of 4 net carbs I had a shake that tasted much better than any Atkins shake I had ever tried before. Next time I may try to include some extra items like fresh strawberries or some other options to make it even better. But as of now it was my first attempt to try something “different” and it was a success.

My current weight loss is 22 lbs, with many more to go.

My second night of Uber driving.

I did my second night of Uber driving on Friday night/Saturday Morning. It was still an overall good experience. I never really got to surge levels like I did the previous time. I did net about $110 in net fares (i.e. total fares less what Uber keeps before they pay you).

I guess the only thing that slightly bothers me about the night was that I did not end up with a perfect 5 star rating like I did the first night. I guess that is bound to happen. I have not rated anyone less than 5 stars so far as all of my trips seemed to be enjoyable.

I have one or two guesses as to why my rating may have been dinged. Once I ask Uber a question I will make another post about the subject.

But my overall rating is 4.86 after 26 total trips. I will try and keep that up and expect that issues like that are few and far between.

This brings me to my reminder about how have the opportunity to earn money via Uber yourself. If you sign up as a driver and make 25 trips by the end of October you will get a $100 bonus.  Just use my link and I will get credit as well. It took me less than 8 hours of overall driving to get 25 trips. You can easily do it too.


A little update since I haven’t posted here in a while

I havn’t gotten a chance to do much writing recently and I really need to get back to it. I am in the middle of a very short story that I have had in my head for a while now. It, like some of the other ones, goes to a dark place (which I still find odd because the book I do want to write is not dark at all).

I have also started driving as an Uber driver. My first experience was pretty good. In 3.5 hours I made $101 in fares. I wouldn’t mind doing that 2-3 times as week for some extra money. Seems worth it to me. And if you sign up via my referral link they currently have a special going on where you can get money once you finish a certain amount of drives. Sign up here.

I have also been doing Atkins again. Since Labor Day I have lost 20 lbs. One of the things that has made this go around easier is the SplashH2O beverages. They have a peach/tangerine version that is really awesome and I just tried the lemonade version and that is pretty darned tasty too. Typically I don’t like lemonade drink mixes. But these guys do it up right and they have no carbs in them so it is perfect for when I want something different than water.

I am also finishing up the final stages of my Disney trip, using all my “BudgetEars” knowledge and putting it to good use. I am very excited about that as well.

I hope to get more stuff written for all my blogs and some more stories finished up for publishing here. Anyway, just a heads up.